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A Porsche premiere on the internet

World debut of the new Cayenne via Livestream

Stuttgart. The evening of August 29, 2017, will see Porsche celebrate the first major premiere of the new Cayenne at the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen site. The international media will experience a spectacular presentation featuring music, light and choreography. Porsche will be broadcasting the world debut of the new SUV live over the internet. Interested parties can view the event via Livestream in the Porsche Newsroom on

Tuesday, August 29, 2017
from 09:00 pm CEST

(Original audio: English; second audio option: German)

The Livestream feed can be connected directly to the own website with the corresponding embed codes.

English version:

German version:

Images in the Porsche Newsroom ( and in the Porsche press database (
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World debut of the new Cayenne via Livestream

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