Porsche Financial Services, Inc. (PFS), the dedicated provider of leasing and financing products for Porsche in the United States, was founded in 1991 to support the sales efforts of Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) and its dealers. PFS' efforts in the United States coupled with the formation of Porsche Financial Services Canada, GP (PFSC) in 2003 make it an integral part of the North American operations for Porsche.

Business Highlights

Founded 1991
Officer Ross A. Dupper, President and CEO
Employees 48
US Dealers Serviced 202
Annual Acquisition Volume (07-31-06) $886 million
Total Portfolio Size (07-31-06) 30,122
Total Portfolio Value (07-31-06) $1.5 billion
Location 4343 Commerce Court
Suite 300
Lisle, IL 60532

Consumer Benefits of Financing with PFS

  • PFS offers lease, retail, and balloon financing programs on new, pre-owned, and Certified Pre-Owned Porsche vehicles.
  • PFS tailors its programs to meet the needs of the Porsche customer and focuses on program flexibility by offering various financing alternatives, terms, and mileage convenience options.
  • PFS' European Delivery Program is an exclusive and customized program designed for Porsche customers who wish to take delivery of their Porsche in Europe. PFS offers both the Porsche Retail and Porsche Options Financing Programs in support of the European Delivery Program.
  • PFS' Direct Pay Program simplifies the payment process by electronically deducting the monthly payment from the customerÕs designated account.

Dealer Benefits of Partnering with PFS

  • PFS is focused on the success of the Porsche brand and the Porsche dealer network.
  • PFS' programs enable the Porsche dealer to offer a comprehensive brand experience to their customers that can strengthen customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.
  • PFS' Porsche Preferred Lease program and Portion Options program integrate the Porsche dealer into the customer's end-of-term experience. This integration enhances customer retention and new customer acquisition opportunities for the Porsche dealer.
  • The Porsche Service Loaner Program enables Porsche dealers to finance vehicles in their service fleet. A service fleet enables dealers to extend their customer's Porsche brand experience during extended service periods.
  • PFS is committed to supporting the pre-owned sales efforts of Porsche dealers by offering numerous convenient channels for acquiring pre-owned Porsche vehicles. PFS' Porschedrive.com provides Porsche dealers with exclusive online access to PFS' national end-of-term inventory. Porschedrive.com provides Porsche dealers the opportunity to purchase vehicles 24/7 with the added benefit of mitigating the incremental cost and lower productivity associated with travel outside of the dealership.


PFS expects continued portfolio growth over the next five years as PCNA sales increase and models, such as the Panamera, are launched. In addition, PFS will continue to implement new products and services designed to enhance and extend the Porsche brand experience while increasing the value of the Porsche franchise.